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Papers Symposia and Posters Submission:

General information: Presenters are requested to provide Powerpoint presentations on their own computers (LCD projectors will be available).  All presentations (symposia, lectures, posters, etc), must be provided with an abstract. Abstracts over 200 words will be truncated.

Deadline for symposia proposals: June 30, 2009
Deadline for paper submissions: June 30, 2009
Deadline for poster submission: June 30, 2009


Symposia will be organized as 90 minute sessions, including 3-4 speakers. The symposium chair should submit the symposium title, the list of speakers and individual titles, and a 200 word abstract summarizing the proposed symposium (to be published in the program) and up a 1000 word summary of the respective studies for the symposium).  Submitted symposia should include presenters, affiliations, and contact information for the symposium chair.


Paper presentations will be organized as 90 minutes sessions. Accepted papers will be given 15 minutes presentation in special paper presentation sessions.   Authors interested in submitting papers should send a 200 word abstract which will be published in the program and a 500 word summary of the proposed paper with any attached graphs or illustrations.  The summary should include the hypothesis or foundations of the study or discussion, methods, summary of findings, and conclusion.  Submission of these abstracts should include author names, affiliation, and contact information.


Authors interested in submitting papers should send a 200 word abstract which will be published in the program. Posters will need to fit a 36” by 48” space.

The winners will be rewarded with the following prizes for top papers and posters respectively:

1st place: $500.00 US

2nd place: $250 US

3rd place:   $100 US

Winners will be notified at the Banquet.

Abstracts of the presentation and posters will also be published in an upcoming issue of EEG and Clinical Neuroscience.  All presenters are invited to submit their papers to the Journal of EEG and Clinical Neuroscience for publication.

All proposals should be sent to:

Dr. Ivan Bodis-Wollner
Chair of Scientific Committee, ECNS



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