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Clinical EEG & Neuroscience Journal

Journal of Clinical EEG & Neuroscience, October, 2008

Table of Contents

Business II
Announcements III
Book Reviews IV
Cortical Functional Anatomy of Voluntary Saccades in Parkinson Disease
J. W. Rieger, A. Kim, M. Argyelan, M. Farber, S. Glazman, M. Liebeskind, T. Meyer and I. Bodis-Wollner
Changes in Brain Function During Administration of Venlafaxine or Placebo to Normal Subjects
A. F. Leuchter, I. A. Cook, D. J. DeBrota, A. M. Hunter, W. Z. Potter, C. C. McGrouther, M. L. Morgan, M. Abrams and B. Siegman
Is the Decreased Longevity Among Left-Handers Related to an Increase in Heart Disease?
J. R. Hughes, E. Dorner and M. Wind
Triphasic EEG Pattern in Bilateral Paramedian Thalamic Infarction
G. Kenangil, D. Necioglu Orken, D. Yalcin, L. Gündogdu and H. Forta


Hippocampic Theta Rhythm
E. Niedermeyer
Temporospatial Characterization of Brain Oscillations (TSCBO) Associated with Subprocesses of Verbal Working Memory in Schizophrenia
M. Stephane, N. F. Ince, A. Leuthold, G. Pellizzer, A. H. Tewfik, C. Surerus, M. Kuskowski and K. McClannahan
Power Spectral Frequency and Coherence Abnormalities in Patients with Intractable Epilepsy and Their Usefulness in Long-Term Remediation of Seizures Using Neurofeedback
J. E. Walker
Alpha Coma Pattern in a Child
J. A. Bragatti, A. M. Mattos, H. Bastos and R. S. Riesgo
EEG Findings in an Eleven-Year-Old Girl with Mercury Intoxication
J. M. Setz, A. A. A. van der Linde, G. P. J. M. Gerrits and J. Meulstee
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Artifact During Electroencephalography
N. K. Sethi, J. Torgovnick, P. K. Sethi and E. Arsura
2008 Author and Subject Index 217

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