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Article Submission Guidelines:

Submit manuscripts for publication by email to the Business Office: and on disk in any standard word processing program. Send three hard copies of the complete manuscript to Catherine Demeter, Managing Editor, Clinical EEG and Neuro­science, 2568 E. Denton Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85016, USA.

Manuscripts should be in the form of original articles, editorials, reviews and case reports. It is understood that these papers will not be concurrently submitted to any other journal. Authors may propose reviewers for their articles. Authors are to provide a written point by point response to each reviewer with their revisions.

Accepted manuscripts become the property of Clinical EEG and Neuroscience and may not be published elsewhere without written consent of the editor. Authors of accepted manuscripts must assign the copyright to Clinical EEG and Neuroscience.

Manuscript Format:

See an example of an accepted manuscript (PDF)

Manuscripts should be typewritten, double spaced, one side, on 81/2" x 11", leaving ample margins, and include Key Words, Abstract and References in numerical order of appearance in text, following current issue format. Number each page and identify with title and author’s name. The title page should include full title of the article; initials and last names of all authors; current positions of each author (title, department, institution, location); phone and fax numbers, email and mailing address of author to whom reprint requests are to be sent; acknowledgment if the study was funded and if it was previously presented at a meeting.

For figures, glossy prints are acceptable. Authors will bear the cost of color reproductions. Digital color images should be approx. 5x7 and at 300dpi, saved in either .jpg or .tif format.

Page Proofs and Reprint Orders:

Page Proofs and reprint orders must be returned within 10 days or less with payment (U.S. funds) or credit card information. Proofs may be mailed to: Catherine Demeter, Managing Editor, Clinical EEG and Neuroscience, 2568 E. Denton Lane, Phoenix, AZ, 85016, USA; Faxed directly to Kevin Kjellberg, Production Manager, at
Fax: ; or Emailed to .

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