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Clinical EEG & Neuroscience Journal

Journal of Clinical EEG & Neuroscience, July, 2010

Table of Contents

Business II
Announcements III
Functional Imaging of Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease
T. Fitzpatrick, P. Mattis and D. Eidelberg
A Combined rTMS and ERP Investigation of Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Involvement in Response Inhibition
D.J. Upton, N.R. Cooper, R. Laycock, R.J. Croft and P.B. Fitzgerald
Quantitative Electroencephalographic Abnormalities in Fibromyalgia Patients
J.B. Hargrove, R.M. Bennett, D.G. Simons, S.J. Smith, S. Nagpal and D.E. Deering
Ictal Bigeminy
P. Widdess-Walsh and D. Nair


Electrophysiological Characteristics of Seizure Clusters
M. Tripathi, P.K. Singh, D. Vibha, N. Choudhary, A. Garg, C.S. Bal, C. Sarkar, R. Bhatia, M.V. Padma, S. Gaikwad, M.B. Singh, K. Prasad and P.S. Chandra
Hemispheric Lateralization in Benign Focal Epilepsy in Childhood With Centrotemporal Spikes (BECTS)
C.S.M.G. Miziara and M.L.G. Manreza
Dental Hardware Complicating Diagnosis in Refractory Gelastic Epilepsy Secondary to Hypothalamic Hamartoma
L. M. Bateman, R. Latchaw and M. Seyal
Neural Correlates of Error Monitoring in an Adult with Klinefelter's Syndrome: a Case Report
W-P. Chang
Noninvasive Multimodal Neuroimaging for Rasmussen Encephalopathy Surgery: Simultaneous EEG-fMRI Recording
E.R. Cuspineda Bravo, Y. Iturria, J.C. Praderes, L. Melie, P.A. Valdés, T. Virues, C. Machado and L. Valdés Urrutia
The Yield of Preoperative Sequential Routine Scalp EEGs in Patients Who Underwent Anterior Temporal Lobectomy for Mesial Temporal Sclerosis
N. Dericioglu, A.I. Colpak, A. Ciger and S. Saygi
Effectiveness of Neurofeedback Training as a Treatment for Opioid-Dependent Patients
F. Dehghani Arani, R. Rostami and M. Nostratabadi

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