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EEG Instructional Videos

Videos include information from:

  • John Hughes: On normal and abnormal EEG patterns. Controversial wave forms also discussed.

  • Frank Duffy: Detail about choice of reference, and pitfalls resulting from equipment or acquisition set-up are included. Clinical material also included.

Two additional tapes are available only to ECNS members at cost ($30 each). Both tapes are NOT professionally developed and are being distributed for the benefit of the membership.

  1. Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS). Introduction and the Basics: Roseanne Armitage, Ph.D. (Professor of Psychiatry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Chair); Chritian Elger, MD, PH.D., Chairman of Epilepsy Department, University of Bonn, Lauren Marangell, M.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Baylor School of Medicine, and J. Chadwick Tober, M.D. FACS, Assistant Professor, Division of Vascular Surgery, Ohio State University.(Includes a syllabus).
  2. Ambulatory Status Epilepticus. Peter Kaplan, MD (Chairman of Neurology, BayView Campus, Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins University. The tape also includes portions of the Career award presentation to Ernest Neidermeyer (Baltimore, 2002).

Inquiries regarding purchase of teaching videos should be sent to

 Mrs. Beverly Thompson

Yukon, OK 

For further information contact


$100.00 for 1st Tape
$100.00 for 2nd Tape
$ 50.00 for 3rd Tape

Purchase individual tapes for 100.00 or purchase all three for $250.00 plus postage and handling.

$15.00 Domestic (USA)
$25.00 International

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