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We extend an invitation to all Ph.Ds, PsyDs and MDs, especially those interested in EEG/QEEG, evoked potentials, neurophysiology and clinical neuroscience to join ECNS.

Fellows/residents/interns/Ph.D/PsyD candidates and all others interested in brain electrophysiology are eligible for Junior and Associate Membership, respectively, with reduced dues, which is also warmly extended to prospective members from developing countries. Please select below for ECNS membership only.

ECNS Membership Application Form

Membership Benefits

ECNS continues the publication of our journal, Clinical Electroencephalography and Neuroscience (Clinical EEG and Neuroscience) provided to all dues paying members. It continues the tradition of AMEEGA by welcoming articles in classic EEG but also welcomes articles in QEEG and all allied investigative methodologies. Articles about epilepsy may stand along side those about schizophrenia and learning disabilities.

To further the excellence of clinical practice, many ECNS members participate in the EEG, QEEG, and other specialty board examinations offered by our sister organization, The American Board of Electroencephalography and Neurophysiology (ABEN) which offers certification to appropriate physicians. ECNS itself now offers certification in EEG/QEEG to Ph.Ds.

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