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Being compiled by David S. Cantor, Ph.D.

The following are the results from an ongoing survey of legal cases where QEEG has been entered as evidence of brain dysfunction:

Case Description

Use of QEEG, Results, and Disposition

State of Kansas v.s. Brandon L. Davis
Case Date: January 23, 2004
Case Number: Shawnee County case No. 03 CR 1420
State: Kansas
Court Type: District Superior Court
Case Type: Criminal

Evidence Accepted: Yes
QEEG Role:
qEEG was admitted to evidence and I testified as expert witness. There was established serous brain injury and qEEG plus neuropsych plus psychiatric forensic eval all pointed to reduced capacity for judgement. Sentence was reduced.

Case Disposition: Guilty. Reduced sentence.
Person Supplying Evidence: Thomas V. Matthews, Ph.D.


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