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July 09 2007

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We reviewed the latest certo drug test for effectiveness and cost. We found it to 60% effective in our testing lab and the cost is fairly inexpensive

These are the ingredients that make Certo detox product:

  • Fruit Pectin – There is a lot of debate on how this fruit pectin works. Most explanations suggest that it can make toxins to flow out into it, which are then expelled through urination. It can also lower cholesterol levels.
  • Water – This is needed to dilute the urine
  • Lactic Acid – Helps in gelling. It can also be used as an energy source that is associated with muscle soreness.
  • Citric Acid – This is a natural molecule that boosts animal cell metabolism
  • Sodium benzoate – This is a common preservative and potential source of sodium. Remember that if you drink a lot of water, then you require more electrolytes. Therefore, Gatorade is the best drink in this case.

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