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The medical research using C4 healthlabs CBD oil for helping in treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism

Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin, and Opioid Medication are the most popular addictive drugs that are affecting relationships in a negative manner. Whether a couple is married or engaged or just at the boyfriend girlfriend stage, the addiction will take over their lives. There are specialized protocols and counseling programs to help couples get clean.

Addicts in a long term relationship with another addict can have special neuro connected issues. Sometimes each partner has a dependency on the other. New Drug rehab centers specializing in couples and co dependents can address these specific issues. Counseling and medication help clear the drug addiction from the brain. Behavioral therapy for both partners in a relationship can help form emotional and physical bonds between them. Couples substance abuse therapy will teach both partners together how to live a sober lifestyle.  All the negative behaviors will be worked through with a therapist. The couple will begin to learn new coping skills and listening skills.

Why You Should Stop Calling Your Drug Addiction A Disease

Look around you and you’ll see a variety of drug addicts. Mainstream society has plenty of them to choose from. Over recent years, drug addiction has become rampant in many areas. It’s tearing families apart in epidemic proportions. Many communities seem to be taken up by nothing more than drug addicts. Many of these areas also have online therapy and counseling at nearly every corner. But what is drug addiction really?

Many call it a disease. Is it? Cancer is a disease. Diabetes is a disease. However, many will disagree and tell you that drug addiction is not a disease, it’s a choice. Why? Because the person that takes that drug made a conscious choice to take drugs.

We’re not talking about the patient that was prescribed medication and became hooked here, we’re talking about the person that choose to snort a drug, shoot a drug with a needle, or pop a pill that they didn’t need. Or perhaps they loaded a pipe with meth, pot or something and smoked it.

The drugs, in turn, change the chemistry of the brain and pretty soon, the person has to have more to get the sensation that they got the first time they took the drug. Worse, the brain chemistry changes and that person begins to lose a lot of their sense of well being unless they’re high.

Now, how is that a disease? The person has chosen to alter their brain chemistry and utilize drugs in an effort to self-medicate and feel high. The drugs alter the dopamine in the brain and the more a person uses them, the stronger doses a person takes and the more frequently a person uses, the worse the condition becomes.

A disease is something that someone has no control over. The diabetic can’t control how his or her body reacts to the correct kratom dosage of capsules so they avoid it. They may have to take insulin to ensure that their body doesn’t give them serious consequences. The drug addict, on the other hand, doesn’t have to have that drug, they choose to take it. That is the difference. The drug addict has a choice. Unfortunately, when the drug addict chooses to take a drug, it alters their brain and the brain stops behaving as it should and begins to rely on the drug altered state to feel good.

The cancer patient, on the other hand, has no such choice. Ask any parent who is sitting with their child in a cancer treatment center and they’ll tell you how very painful the treatments are. How stressful the situation is. How frightening it is to sit and watch helplessly as their child undergoes surgery after surgery, chemotherapy after chemotherapy and radiation treatment after radiation treatment. Ask them how it is to sit and watch the scans and see the results on the screen that the tech can’t discuss with them. They don’t get a choice, neither did their child.

The drug addict, however, had a choice. They chose to take that drug. They choose to continue taking that drug. They may take many drugs. Each decision that a person makes has a consequence, good or bad. The drug addict that chooses to continue taking drugs has the consequence of losing their job, their family, their very life.

Drug addicts need to take the responsibility for their own life. They need to realize that each and every choice that they take is a life-altering choice. That child in the cancer ward didn’t have a choice, the drug addict did. They had the choice to walk away or use the drugs. Their choice dictated their consequences.

Unfortunately, the choice that a drug addict makes has lasting consequences for the entire family. It can cost them their job and even injure or kill someone due to their negligence. None of the other people around them chose this, the addict did. They chose to be selfish, self-centered, and focus only on what they wanted. They stopped caring about others a long time ago.

Addiction doesn’t just hurt the addict, it tears families apart. It destroys friendships, jobs, relationships, and life. Countless television programs tell us that drug addiction is a disease, yet, they haven’t a cure for it. Why? There isn’t a cure for choosing to be so self-centered and focus only on your wants and desires.

Part of growing up is learning to take responsibility for your own actions. Recognizing that for every action there is an opposite and an equal reaction. Drug addicts have a pattern of manipulating others to believe in them. To believe that they’ve “changed”. It’s not quite a disease, it’s a con game. It’s a habit that is more than a sickness, less than a disease. If you need to seek more attention about this issue, please make sure you get information from substance abuse treatment centers.

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